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OOC contact

Here is Mindy's OOC contact post. have anything to tell me?  Want to plot things? PM or comment below.
[Dead. Again. And she'd woken up back in her bed. Just like when the communists killed her.

Except not. Except this was worse somehow. All she had wanted was a good Christmas. Was that so much to ask? She slips out of the house fairly early, and sits on the front step for a while, watching the snow. It's cold, but at least that proves she's alive.]
[Remember Mindy's plan to save Christmas? Well, it turns out that Mindy failed to save anything, but Black Mage succeeded. Yay?

At any rate, those who actually go to the tree on Christmas eve as she requested, will be greeted with a gruesome sight. Mindy is dead, and her corpse is artfully hung on one of the lower branches of the tree as if it were an ornament......

She tried, Mayfield.]

[Mindy is going door to door today. To every house in Mayfield. It'll take her all day, and she'll be cold and hungry. But if this works, it'll be worth it. She's been erased, and she knows people have forgotten her. But it doesn't matter. The town can take away a lot of things, but it can't always win. Should you answer the knock at your door, there is a determined little girl out there waiting for you.]

Umm, hi....
Maybe... maybe you don't know me, but...... please just listen. Just for a minute.
I know the town is real mean. And it's taken everything away. The food and the lights and the presents.....

And now... even our friends.....

But- but it's okay. Because we can still all have Christmas together! So I want everybody to come to the big tree in the park. On Christmas eve!

We can sing Christmas carols, and tell stories, and just..... be all together. For one night. Because....
It doesn't matter what the town does. There's a lot of us, and we can still have a nice holiday. Even with nothing....

[She pauses, having reached the end of her rehearsed speech.]

So will you come? Please?

33-[action] Twilight zone... (Tuesday)

[Pod!Mindy is cheerfully skipping around town, taking in all of Mayfield's lovely sights. She'll wave to people cheerfully on her way by. And if she just trampled your flower bed, she probably didn't mean it. Or did she?

Nah, she's too cute for that, right? And if she knows you, she'll be stopping to say 'hi.']

Good Morning~!

[Later, in the park, there are two little girls having quite a scuffle. Hair pulling, kicking, and crying seem to be the order of the day. The trouble is, they both look like Mindy. Exactly like her. Either way, someone should probably separate them before they both get hurt...]
[It's Mindy's birthday~! She has done her best to set herself up a little party. She's made decorations out of construction paper and glitter. Way too much glitter. And she even made a cake. It was from a boxed mix, and it's a little lopsided. And the kitchen is a mess. But that's okay.

She'd spent the previous week making invitations for all of her friends. If your character has even the slightest bit of positive CR with Mindy, feel free to assume you got one.

The birthday girl is wearing the prettiest dress she owns and sitting on the the front stairs, waiting for guests to arrive. She also appears to be having a conversation with the empty space next to her.]

My last birthday was in Mayfield too.... But a lot of the people who were here back then are.... gone.

Why do think I'm still here?

[For anyone who can see them, said empty space is occupied by the ghost of a teenage boy. He shakes his head.]

I dunno, kid. Maybe this place likes ya. Or maybe you just ain't done enough ta piss it off yet.

031- [action] Cool, cool lemonade...

[So, Mindy is trying to save up money for something. But when You're seven, there's not too many options. So here you go, Mayfield. A good old fashioned lemonade stand. She's set up a small table with a pitcher of lemonade and glasses and even made a sign. One glass is 15 cents. There is also a tip jar. And anyone who passes by her house will be called out to.]

Hi!  Do you want want some lemonade?

I made it myself. It's only fifteen cents a glass.

[Anyone who does take her up on it is likely to be disappointed. Or angry. She actually did make it herself. With fresh lemons. And cold water. But no sugar. Yeah..... It's pretty bad.]

30- [phone] What's a community-ist?

[You can hear the sound of soft, hitching breaths on the phone for several minutes as she tries to get her tears under control. Then a very soft, very shaky voice comes through.]

I'm sorry..... I don't know what a community-ist is, a-and I know they s-said I was bad last time, but...

[a shuddering breath.]

But I'll tr- try to be good! I promise! S-so please....

[crying now]

Please don't shoot me again. I won't be subvertive this time, I w- won't so please.....

((OOC: Mindy was killed back during the Maipole event for being subversive. She still doesn't understand why that happened, but hearing the word communist again is terrifying.))

29- [Action] Let's go fly a kite~

[On Sunday afternoon Mindy is in the park, flying a kite. Well, trying to anyway. First, she's struggling to get it into the air, and giving it a dismayed look as it keeps crashing.

When she does manage it, she's delighted for all of four seconds, and then it gets stuck in a tree. So now she's standing at the base of that tree, looking up at it sadly. Today was a bad day for kites, apparently.]

28- [phone] What do?

[Mindy's voice sounds shaky and a little desperate.]


Mr. Prussia?


You're all still here, right?

I.. got a funny letter. In the mail. I don't know what I should do.....

[Her worst fear was everyone leaving her. So she's a little worried.]

27- [action] Oh, is monstah....

[Mindy is running through the streets of Mayfield like  some kind of monster is after her. There are blood stains on her dress and she clearly crying. She's not really thinking about where she's going. She just wants to get away.]

{{OOC: this follows directly from her visit to Dr. Evilwizardington...}}

26-[action] teatime

[Good afternoon, Mayfield! On the lawn in front of 945 Buelah street is a lovely tea party. Mindy has outfitted all of her stuffed animals with silly hats and costume jewelry. Seated next her is an extremely large teddy bear, which was her christmas gift from Prussia. It is wearing a tie and a hat she got from not!dad's closet. There is also a robot seated next to a bunny that is wearing a bow on each ear. It appears that she is addressing the rabbit.]

Why, that is wonderful news! You and Beau make a lovely couple.

[She pauses for a sip of tea.]

Tell me, will either of you be attending Lord Pennyworth's charity ball?  Reginald and I are quite excited for it.

[C'mon, you know you want to join her...]

Umm, this is Mindy.

Does anyone know how to use a gun?

24- [action/phone] Happy Easter

[Mindy has a fool proof plan to celebrate Easter without interference from the town. Which is why she's spent all afternoon decorating Easter eggs. It wasn't easy, and the kitchen in her house is littered with drops of food coloring, broken eggs, and little bunny stickers. and now she's delivering the eggs to her friends. Everyone she knows is getting one. Have you ever had a conversation with Mindy? Have an Easter egg. A badly painted, messy Easter egg that she's awfully proud of.]

[///later, on the phones....]

Happy Easter everyone!

[she drops her voice to a conspiratorial  whisper.]

I'm having Easter today so the town doesn't ruin it. I painted eggs and decorated the house and even made myself an Easter basket.

I didn't have enough allowance for a chocolate bunny though....

023- [Phone] This will end so well...

Hello, this is Mindy.

Umm... I need some help with something.

Wait. I need an adult. A man.

An adult man.


[There is a pause, and then it sounds a little muffled, like she's talking to someone next to her.]

Hang up? Why?

But that's what you told me to say!



[And, thanks to a certain someone, she makes another call a few minutes later. She sounds a little panicked.]

Ummm.... umm.... I'm real sorry. I didn't know and I don't want to get in trouble. I have to tell everybody that....

I'm a pedophile. I didn't know I was or that I had to tell everyone so please don't call the policeman on me.

He's scary...

022- [action] Mayfield 101....

[This afternoon anyone who happens by the park may be greeted with a strange sight. A little girl giving an animated explanation of the town to an empty park bench.]

And there's a mean old mayor and a scary fat policeman who pretend to be in charge, but it's really all a little girl! And maybe the Milkman....

And- and my last name keeps changing and people keep going away but not really.... And sometimes they give you stuff for no reason. 


It's bad but..... sometimes the town changes. Everything becomes different. Those times..... are the worst.

[If you can see ghosts, seated on the bench is an older gentleman wearing Victorian clothing and holding a cane. He is nodding sympathetically and looking slightly worried.]

021-[action] Merry Christmas....?

[Residents and neighbors of 502 Ricardo street can feel free to notice that a little girl has been waiting out on the lawn since yesterday. She's clutching a teddy bear and watching the snow fall sadly. What's she waiting for? Maybe you should ask her. But you might want to tell her to get inside before she freezes to death. Sometimes she talks to the bear quietly....]

I don't care if it's late. We can still have a Christmas together. Just like we promised.

.......Even if I have to wait 'til next Christmas.
[Mindy is heading to the post office today. She doesn't want to get anything back. Instead she's here to ask the postman to mail a letter for her. But the post office in Mayfield is a scary place, and she has to spend a few minutes outside working up the courage to go in. But surely they wouldn't chop off any fingers or anything just for mailing a letter, would they?]

It can't hurt to try.....

[Perceptive characters may notice the envelope clutched in her hands. It is actually addressed to the Mayor. Why would the mayor even read a letter from a seven year old girl? Well, he probably wouldn't, but she doesn't know that.]


the content of the letter for the curious....Collapse )

019- [Phone] Thanksgiving Turkey

I got a Turkey delivered too, but it hasn't moved and there's nothing weird in it. And it is Thanksgiving.....

Do you think it's okay if I eat it? Maybe just a little of it?


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